Introducing: Hooky The Bookie

The Fantasy Fishing season has kicked off on both major tours and players are always looking for inside information to set their rosters. Best On Tour has tapped one of the original odds makers in the sport of professional bass fishing, Mark Jeffreys, to offer up fantasy fishing odds to help you set your teams. Stay tuned for the inside scoop from “Hooky The Bookie” for future tournaments!

2023 Gamakatsu Bassmaster Elite at Lake Seminole Odds:

Angler Name Group Odds
Scott Canterbury A  6-1
Brandon Card A  5-1
Joey Cifuentes III A  20-1
Brandon Cobb A  5-1
Drew Cook A  6-1
Will Davis Jr. A  10-1
Marc Frazier A  4-1
Cooper Gallant A  8-1
Carl Jocumsen A  9-1
Steve Kennedy A  5-1
Logan Latuso A  10-1
Lee Livesay A  9-1
Ed Loughran III A  10-1
Jay Przekurat A  11-1
Tyler Rivet A  9-1
Gerald Swindle A  7-1
Patrick Walters A  3-1
Kyle Welcher A  5-1
Clark Wendlandt A  6-1
Brad Whatley A  14-1
Jake Whitaker A  9-1
Keith Combs B  9-1
John Crews B  8-1
Micah Frazier B  4-1
Buddy Gross B  8-1
Jeff Gustafson B  7-1
Greg Hackney B  6-1
Bradley Hallman B  7-1
Skylar Hamilton B  6-1
Ray Hanselman B  10-1
Jamie Hartman B  10-1
Cody Huff B  10-1
Mike Iaconelli B  8-1
Caleb Kuphall B  7-1
Shane LeHew B  9-1
Bill Lowen B  9-1
Scott Martin B  6-1
Brock Mosley B  9-1
Brandon Palaniuk B  6-1
Cliff Prince B  7-1
Pat Schlapper B  18-1
Bernie Schultz B  9-1
Matt Arey C  10-1
Stetson Blaylock C  9-1
Hank Cherry C  8-1
Gary Clouse C  11-1
John Cox C  5-1
Greg DiPalma C  12-1
Bob Downey C 15-1
David Fritts C  19-1
David Gaston C  11-1
Darold Gleason C  8-1
Derek Hudnall C  9-1
Chris Johnston C  8-1
Jonathan Kelley C  17-1
Brandon Lester C  9-1
Wes Logan C  7-1
Luke Palmer C  10-1
Clifford Pirch C  7-1
KJ Queen C  9-1
Bryant Smith C  16-1
Jason Williamson C  9-1
Chris Zaldain C  9-1
Justin Atkins D  6-1
Drew Benton D  3-1
Rick Clunn D  12-1
Josh Douglas D  8-1
Seth Feider D 13-1
Austin Felix D  8-1
Kyoya Fujita D  10-1
Justin Hamner D  8-1
Matt Herren D  9-1
Kenta Kimura D  9-1
Mark Menendez D  11-1
David Mullins D  9-1
Bryan New D  4-1
Kyle Norsetter D  12-1
Jacob Powroznik D  10-1
Alex Redwine D  15-1
Matt Robertson D 16-1
Bryan Schmitt D  10-1
Hunter Shryock D  8-1
Joseph Webster D  7-1
David Williams D  8-1
Todd Auten E  6-1
Jason Christie E  5-1
Clent Davis E  6-1
Jacob Foutz E  7-1
Mike Huff E  10-1
Taku Ito E  9-1
Cory Johnston E  8-1
Koby Kreiger E  10-1
Masayuki Matsushita E  11-1
Paul Mueller E  12-1
Larry Nixon E  19-1
Chad Pipkens E  12-1
Keith Poche E  7-1
Cole Sands E  10-1
John Soukup E  11-1
Josh Stracner E  8-1
Caleb Sumrall E  9-1
Frank Talley E  14-1
Alex Wetherell E  12-1
Matty Wong E  25-1










































How Do Betting Odds Work?

Betting odds represent the probability of an event occurring and are typically displayed as a ratio or a fraction. The odds indicate how much money a bettor would hypothetically win based on their wager.

For example, if the odds for a particular angler are 2:1, it means that for every dollar a bettor wagers, they will win two dollars if that angler wins the tournament. In other words, if you bet $10 on an angler with 2:1 odds and win, you would receive $20 in winnings plus your original $10 bet back.

In general, the “higher” the odds, the lower the probability of that outcome occurring. So an angler with 2:1 odds is considered more likely to win a tournament than one with 10:1 odds.

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