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1. Stat of the Day
2. Money Matters
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Who made more money an angler, a bull rider or a bowler?
A look at the top 10 earners in 2019 from the Professional Bull Riders, Professional Bowlers Association and pro angling, including the number of events they competed in as of November 20.
3. Behind the Scenes
A Classic Impact
Sports Destination Magazine recently released the results of the economic impact on the Knoxville, Tennessee area from the 2019 Bassmaster Classic.
4. Anglers Tribune
Wes Logan Ready For Elite Series
Photo Courtesy B.A.S.S.
We recently caught up with Springville, Alabama angler Wes Logan to get his take on joining the Bassmaster Elite Series in 2020, and find out what he has been up to during the off season. Check out his thoughts in this candid Q&A.
For those that are unfamiliar with Wes Logan, can you give us some background on your fishing career? “I have fished the FLW Tour the past 2 seasons, and prior to that I fished BFLs, Costa’s, and one season of the Opens in 2017 where I finished 12th in the points. After a blessed season in the 2018 Opens I was fortunate enough to win AOY in the Central Division and qualify for the 2020 Elite Series.”
What are your biggest concerns if you have any about transitioning to the Bassmaster Elite Series? “I wouldn’t say that I have any concerns because I’ve been fishing professionally for the past two seasons. I feel like that helps me as far as being used to the travel and stress level that these higher level tournaments put on you. It’s a whole different world when you go from fishing 3 day tournaments where you have unlimited practice time and no off limits to fishing 4 day tournaments with only a few practice days and you can’t get any information. It speeds everything up tremendously.”
How have you been preparing for the 2020 season, and which stops are you looking the most forward to, and also which ones have you a little worried? “Up until this point in the off season I actually haven’t been fishing much at all. I work while I am at home with a family member who is a home builder and I also help out my uncle who builds custom cabinets, so I’m pretty occupied doing that. I guess you could say the off season isn’t off for me too much. I need to make all the extra money I can. I would have to say I am looking forward to the Eufaula and Santee Cooper tournaments because I have done well there in the past. Not saying that I am going to do well this time around, but I feel like I will know what kind of lake I’m getting into before I get there. The northern swing kind of worries me just because it doesn’t fit my style of fishing, but I have done ok in a few smallmouth tournaments so there is hope.”
How has the business side of the game been since you decided to take the step to the Elite Series? “The business side of the game since joining the Elites has been the biggest difference to me. It seems to me that the weight that the Bassmaster Elite Series carries is so much more than what I was used to before at FLW. So when you say you’re on the Elites people kind of pay attention and perk up a little. Being on the Elites means more opportunity for promotion, reaching a larger number of people, and at the same time having a lot more obligations to my sponsors and the companies that support me. It’s always been a dream since I decided that I wanted to try and make a living fishing to be on the Elite Series. And now that I have made it, it is truly like a dream come true and I am blessed and thankful for the opportunity. After the great season I had in the Opens this year, it just seems like it was meant for me to be on the Elite Series and I thank the Good Lord for the opportunity and hope to make the most of it. “
5. Baits Not Being Talked About
Blade baits become a big player in the winter months for suspended and deep fish. The Damiki Vault is a great choice for those situations. It features three line ties with each providing a different action from a wider or tighter wobble.
6. What We’re Watching & Listening To
Swindle On Bass Talk Live
Mark and Matt welcome Elite Series Professional, Gerald Swindle. The Alabama Pro takes part in an emotional discussion about his decision to make the move from MLF, back to the Bassmaster Elite Series. Watch the replay here.
7. Jersey Watch
Aaron Martens
Aaron Martens has always used Shimano reels and he now will be using Shimano owned G-Loomis rods in 2020 following his switch from Enigma.
Photo courtesy of MLF
8. Regional Recommendations
McKee Outdoors is located in Maryville,TN just outside of Knoxville. They stock a full line of tackle, and are a satellite dealer for Bunch Marine. Running several local fishing tournaments from a winter series, to Monday night events keep them in tune with the needs of anglers in the area. Stop by McKee Outdoors and see what they have to offer the next time you are in Maryville.
9. Best for Last
Garmin Force Available Now
Since the ICAST show in July, the fishing industry has been abuzz about trolling motors. The Garmin Force garnered much of the attention, as anglers across the country have anticipated being able to mount one on the front of their rig. The time is finally here, and the Garmin Force has not disappointed. As the most powerful and efficient trolling motor on the market, the Garmin Force Trolling Motor uses wireless chartplotter connectivity to provide navigation, autopilot, and anchor lock features. One of the new features the Garmin Force offers is a wireless foot pedal, that steers and feels just like a cable steered pedal. Not a fan of the wireless option? No problem, just install the foot pedal in a traditional hardwired method. Garmin staffer Justin McClelland spent countless hours on the water with the Garmin Force prototypes and final product, and couldn’t be more pleased with the product that is going to market. “I have had the opportunity to run this trolling motor for almost a year now, and all I can say is wow. The motor is absolutely bullet proof. I have never run a motor this powerful, and better yet I have had absolutely zero issues with it. I’ve put the motor through extreme testing in the last year, and have nothing but great things to say about it.” said McClelland. The Garmin Force bracket will line up with the current hole pattern of the Minn Kota Ultrex, so if you are planning on making the switch you won’t have to drill more holes in your boat. Available in 50″ and 57″ shaft models, the Garmin Force offers options for deep and shallow water anglers alike. Check out the full specs and all the details about the Garmin Force here.
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