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1. Stat of the Day
2. Money Matters
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Labor Day Sale Returns
Covid-19 cancelled the annual Tackle Warehouse Memorial Day sale this year, but the Labor Day sale is scheduled to start Friday September 4th at 8am PT. You can use this link to shop the specials after 8am PT on September 4th.
3. Behind the Scenes
Iyobe Goes Ten Feet Under
Photos Courtesy Ken Iyobe
American bass fishing fans may recognize the name Ken Iyobe from his two year stint on the Bassmaster Elite Series, or his subsequent quest to requalify for the big show through the Bassmaster Opens. While Ken has made quite the mark while on the water, he is equally as passionate about his business ventures off of the water. Iyobe’s tackle company, Ten Feet Under is quickly becoming a sought after brand not only in Japan, but is also gaining attention in the U.S. market. We recently caught up with Ken to get some more information on the company and the story behind the brand.
How did you start the brand 10ft Under?
“The brand was a result of my passion to help everyone catch more fish. I started 10ftu to produce lures that would give anglers the tools they needed to be successful in that quest.”
What is the meaning behind the name 10ft Under?
“I just love shallow water fishing! That’s why it’s named ten feet under.”
What baits and products will 10ft under offer?
“Right now we offer swimbaits, wooden crankbaits, hand poured plastics, spinnerbaits, and tubes. We have some other new products on the way also that I am really excited about.”
Where do you get your inspiration and passion for bait design?
“Sometimes I will get an idea for a bait while I am on the water fishing. Other times I will just sit down at my desk and draw images and designs of things I think might work. All of my designs are based on my passion to fish for bass all over the world and that is what makes me keep going and inspires me.”
Everyone wants to know when the brand will be available in the U.S. and where they can get their hands on your baits?
Carolina Fishing Tackle will be the first retailer in the states. They just put in their initial order and the shipment should be in the first or second week in September.”
Retailers who are interested in carrying 10FTU can contact Seven Seas Company @info@sevenseasco.com for more information.
4. Anglers Tribune
Lane Offers Late Summer Cranking Tips
Photos Courtesy Russ Lane
When it comes to figuring out a current related crankbait bite you would be hard pressed to find an angler more adept at it than Bass Pro Tour professional Russ Lane. Cutting his teeth on the Coosa River and its adjoining reservoirs Lane quickly learned the importance of current, and its dynamic affect on positioning bass. “Learning how to fish current, whether it is from river flow or dam and spillway generated is something that will really help you during the warmer months of the year,” says Lane. When temperatures soar, flow or current often help oxygenate and cool the water offering a more comfortable environment for bass, and providing ample feeding opportunities as well. “Anytime that water temperature gets way up there I am going to be looking for some type of current if I can find it on any body of water I’m fishing. Flow helps position fish on easily identifiable ambush points, allowing you to be more efficient when targeting them,” Lane continues. His preferred setup when fishing in current is his signature series SPRO Fat Papa 70 crankbait paired with a 6:3:1 reel spooled with 12lb Sunline FC Sniper and 7′ Phenix Glass Crankbait Rod Based on the species he is targeting Lane does make a slight adjustment in his choice of treble hooks. “If I am targeting Spotted or Smallmouth bass I will switch out the treble hooks on my crankbait to the #2 Gamakatsu EWG, both of those fish have smaller mouths and I believe the EWG allows the hook to dig in a little better. The slight hook adjustment and the glass rod are a big key in helping me land a higher percentage of the crankbait fish I hook.” Lane concluded.
5. Baits Not Being Talked About
A swim jig is often a big player in many parts of the country in the late summer/early fall season. The 6th Sense Divine Swim Jig features a detailed eye socket, gill plates and realistic 3-D eyes. The head design is semi-flat and keel-weighted to create a secondary swimming action and allowing it to skip easily around cover. It features a 5/0 black nickel hook and screw lock bait keeper and is available for $4.99.
6. What We’re Watching & Listening To
Before You Buy A Bass Boat Watch This
Ken Smith is taking you along on his search for his 2020 bass boat. He is doing a series of videos where he takes you along as he spends the day in a bunch of different boat brands and models through the fall of 2020 in his search for his next boat. This is a great way to get an unbiased opinion on the pros and cons of several boat brands. Check out all of Ken’s videos here.
7. Jersey Watch
Rusty Salewske
Photo courtesy of FLW Fishing
Rusty Salewske won the FLW Pro Circuit final last weekend and the $200,000 first place prize that went along with the inaugural event. His sponsors include Ranger, Mercury, Johnston Tractor, Advance Plumbing, B&W Hitches, Wiley X, Power Pole and Humminbird.
8. Regional Recommendations
The Bass Shack
Located in Shelby, NC the Bass Shack is a family owned and operated business serving the community since 1977. Customer service is a priority at the Bass Shack, with knowledgeable staff to help outfit you with the latest fishing and hunting supplies. If you are in the Shelby, NC area make sure to stop by and check them out.
9. Best for Last
AFTCO is launching a new t-shirt that helps support the battle against Asian Carp. AFTCO pro team angler Mark Menedez is helping coordinate AFTCO’s efforts to battle the invasive carp in the Kentucky and Tennesse area with the support of a local organization. AFTCO kicked off the battle with a $10,000 donation to Lyon County Industrial Development Authority who pays local commercial fisherman a subsidy on each pound of invasive carp they catch. This subsidy is being used for to encourage commercial anglers to catch more of the fish and to reduce the population in local waters. With the launch of the new t-shirt, $5 from all the funds made from the War On Carp shirt will also be donated to the IDA to continue the fight against the carp invasion.
How much will you spend on fishing lures this year?
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