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1. Stat of the Day
2. Money Matters
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The Crankbaits with Laser Beams
Around 2009, a new hardbait company featuring laser lights in the baits launched on the fishing scene with much fanfare. The baits featured red laser lights in the bills that activated when the bait got wet. The company believed lasers would attract bass to the baits at a higher rate than traditional crankbaits or jerkbaits. The baits were some of the most expensive hardbaits on the market at the time with retails of $19.99. Some anglers claimed the baits ran well, but many anglers were plagued with baits that leaked and didn’t show increased fish catching abilities over traditional crankbaits. Laser Lures promoted the baits with a large marketing campaign that featured pros Mike Iaconelli and Boyd Duckett, but by late 2012 the company was out of business.
Outdoor Life rated the Laser Lure #1 on it’s Top Ten List of the The Worst Fishing Lures of All Time.
3. Behind the Scenes
Protect Your Expensive Swimbaits
With premium hand made swimbaits like the Bull Shad selling for $50 or more it can be very important to make sure they are stored properly, especially to protect areas like the tails. You can easily make a custom box for swimbaits by cutting notches with a dremel tool in one of the deeper tackle boxes from companies like Plano or Flambeau. This allows the baits to stand vertically, keeping the tails in perfect condition. The slats can also be aligned with the joints to insure the bait doesn’t move.
4. Anglers Tribune
Walters Captures A Monster
Summerville, SC Elite Series Pro Patrick Walters and his father Todd are never too far from an outdoor adventure. Recently the pair took advantage of the SC gator hunting season to capture this 10′ 6″ monster out of the South Santee River. Walters has been busy in the off season, after a solid start to his professional career in 2019. Staying sharp by fishing local waters, hunting, and making appearances for his sponsors he is keeping his schedule full. Walters recently signed a sponsorship deal with Humminbird, and will be running the One-Boat Network system on his Falcon Boat in 2020.
5. Baits Not Being Talked About
Fall has arrived and winter is just around the corner, and with those colder seasons finesse jigs will become more of a player in many parts of the country. Andy’s Custom Bass Lures makes a E Series Finesse Jig that features flat, living rubber that is hand tied in combination with silicone skirt material. This is the jig Edwin Evers used to win the 2016 Bassmaster Classic. A number of anglers believe little brown jigs made from living rubber provide greater action in the water. Andy’s also makes a version with a heavier hook for flipping applications.
6. What We’re Watching & Listening To
Latimer And Daniels Win Gold
Brian Latimer and Mark Daniels Jr. recently teamed up to win Gold at the 2019 Pan American Bass Fishing Championship with a massive two session weight of 45.08. Latimer documented the experience for his YouTube channel, letting you get a glimpse at all of the action. Check out the final day action here.
7. Jersey Watch
New Jersey Guidelines for FLW in 2020
MLF announced their plans for the 2020 season to FLW anglers in a recent phone call and presentation with the details. In 2020 FLW Pro Circuit anglers are allowed to promote any of their sponsors on all the competition days. On days three and four the anglers will have to wear a jersey that complies with a new FLW template. The new template will reserve some spaces on the angler’s jersey for FLW sponsors that do not conflict with angler’s personal sponsors. Anglers receive 1/3 upper chest and 2/3 of the primary locations on the back of the jersey.
Photo courtesy of FLW
8. Regional Recommendations
Located in Greenwood, SC Hunters Headquarters is much more than a stop for avid hunters. Offering an extensive selection of fishing tackle and gear, for the beginner all the way to the seasoned tournament angler, Hunters Headquarters has you covered. If you are in the upstate of South Carolina stop by and check out their great selection.
9. Best for Last
Denali Rods National Sales Manager Bryan Head
If you’ve spent anytime around the fishing industry over the last two decades you’ve likely crossed paths with Bryan Head. Head has been working in the industry for over 20 years and has experience in the distribution, dealer sales, and retail sales aspects of the business. He is currently the National Sales Manager for Denali Rods, assisting in all aspects of the brand’s business. “As National Sales Manager for Denali I have my hands in every aspect of the business, and I think that is what it takes to truly be invested in your brand. You can find me unloading trucks, packing orders to ship, calling on accounts, doing really whatever it takes to get the job done,” says Head. Since joining Denali over 5 years ago Head has garnered great satisfaction from seeing their hard work paying off in brand recognition and sales. “I get great satisfaction from seeing all of the hard work that we have been putting in at Denali Rods paying off. Whether it is with our sales goals, or a customer simply sending a note saying how satisfied they are with one of our products, the positive reinforcement that we get from reaching our goals is a great feeling.” Head concluded. You can keep up with all things Denali Rods by visiting their website at
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