The Pro Angler YouTube Channel Guide is for people that love to watch and learn from professional anglers on YouTube, this guide can quickly show which pro bass anglers have a YouTube channel in 2022.  If an angler has a channel listed you can click to go directly to their channel.

Pro Angler YouTube Channel Guide






Bassmaster Elite Series
Angler First Name Angler Last Name YouTube Link
Daisuke Aoki Inactive
Matt Arey Active Matt Arey Fishing
Justin Atkins Inactive
Todd Auten Inactive
Drew Benton Active The Cut Line
Stetson Blaylock Active Stetson Blaylock Fishing
Scott Canterbury Inactive
Brandon Card Inactive
Hank Cherry Jr Inactive
Jason Christie Active Jason Christie Fishing
Gary Clouse Inactive
Rick Clunn Active Rick Clunn
Brandon Cobb Inactive
Keith Combs Inactive
Drew Cook Active The Cut Line
John Cox Inactive
John Crews Jr Active John Crews 
Clent Davis Inactive
Greg DiPalma Active Greg DiPalma
Josh Douglas Active Josh Douglas Fishing
Bob Downey Active Bob Downey Fishing
Seth Feider Inactive
Austin Felix Inactive
Jacob Foutz Inactive
Marc Frazier Inactive
Micah Frazier Inactive
David Fritts Inactive
Darold Gleason Active Darold Gleason Fishing
Buddy Gross Inactive
Jeff Gustafson Active Jeff Gustafson
Greg Hackney Inactive
Skylar Hamilton Inactive
Justin Hamner Inactive
Ray Hanselman Jr Inactive
Jamie Hartman Inactive
Matt Herren Inactive
Derek Hudnall Active Derek Hudnall
Cody Huff Inactive
Mike Huff Inactive
Michael Iaconelli Active Mike Iaconelli Fishing
Takumi Ito Inactive
Carl Jocumsen Active Carl Jocumsen
Chris Johnston Inactive
Cory Johnston Inactive
Jonathan Kelley Active Jonathan Kelley Fishing
Steve Kennedy Inactive
Kenta Kimura Inactive
Koby Kreiger Inactive
Caleb Kuphall Inactive
Shane LeHew Inactive
Brandon Lester Active Brandon Lester Fishing
Lee Livesay Inactive
Wes Logan Active Wes Logan Fishing
Ed Loughran  III Inactive
Bill Lowen Inactive
Scott Martin Active Scott Martin 
Masayuki Matsushita Inactive
Mark Menendez Active MM Bass TV
Chad Morgenthaler Inactive
Brock Mosley Inactive
Paul Mueller Inactive
David Mullins Inactive
Bryan New Inactive
Brandon Palaniuk Active BMP Fishing
Luke Palmer Inactive
Chad Pipkens Inactive
Cliff Pirch Inactive
Jacob Powroznik Inactive
Cliff Prince Inactive
Jay Przekurat Inactive
KJ Queen Inactive
Alex Redwine Active Alex R Fishing
Tyler Rivet Inactive
Matt Robertson Inactive
Pat Schlapper Active Pat Schlapper Fishing
Bryan Schmitt Inactive
Bernie Schultz Inactive
Hunter Shryock Active Hunter Shryock Fishing
Josh Stracner Inactive
Caleb Sumrall Inactive
Gerald Swindle Active Gerald GMAN Swindle
Jesse Tacoronte Inactive
Frank Talley Inactive
Patrick Walters Inactive
Joseph Webster Inactive
Kyle Welcher Active Kyle Welcher
Clark Wendlandt Inactive
Brad Whatley Inactive
Jake Whitaker Inactive
David Williams Active David Williams Pro Fisherman
Jason Williamson Inactive
Matty Wong Inactive
Jay Yelas Inactive
Chris Zaldain Active Zaldaingerous








Bass Pro Tour
Angler First Name Angler Last Name YouTube Link
Casey Ashley Inactive
Adrian Avena Inactive
Josh Bertrand Inactive
Tommy Biffle Inactive
Zack Birge Active Zack Birge Fishing
Stephen Browning Inactive
Brent Chapman Active Brent Chapman Fishing
Luke Clausen Active Luke Clausen 
Dustin Connell Active DC Fishing
Brandon Coulter Inactive
Cliff Crochet Inactive
Mark Daniels Jr. Active Mark Daniels Jr
Mark Davis Active Mark Davis Bass Fishing Pro
Ott DeFoe Active Ott DeFoe
Boyd Duckett Inactive
David Dudley Active David Dudley Outdoors
Dakota Ebare Active Dakota Ebare Outdoors
Brent Ehrler Active Brent Ehrler
James Elam Inactive
Paul Elias Active Paul Elias 101
Edwin Evers Active Edwin Evers Fishing
Todd Faircloth Inactive
Cole Floyd Inactive
Shin Fukae Inactive
Anthony Gagliardi Inactive
Shaw Grigsby Inactive
Roy Hawk Inactive
Dylan Hays Inactive
Brett Hite Inactive
Timmy Horton Active Timmy Horton Outdoors
Randy Howell Active Randy Howell
Clabion Johns Inactive
Alton Jones Inactive
Alton Jones Jr. Active AJ Fishing
Kelly Jordon Inactive
Gary Klein Inactive
Jeff Kriet Inactive
Jason Lambert Inactive
Bobby Lane Inactive
Chris Lane Inactive
Russ Lane Inactive
Jeremy Lawyer Inactive
Jordan Lee Active Jordan Lee
Matt Lee Active mattleefishing
Dave Lefebre Active Dave Lefebre
Jared Lintner Inactive
Justin Lucas Active Justin Lucas Fishing
Mike McClelland Inactive
Cody Meyer Inactive
Ish Monroe Inactive
Andy Montgomery Inactive
Andy Morgan Inactive
John Murray Active John Murray Fishing
Britt Myers Inactive
Michael Neal Inactive
Takahiro Omori Inactive
Cliff Pace Active Cliff Pace Fishing
Keith Poche Active Keith Poche
Skeet Reese Active Skeet Reese Fishing
Marty Robinson Inactive
Dean Rojas Inactive
Mark Rose Active Rose Outdoors-Mark Rose
Fred Roumbanis Inactive
Bradley Roy Active Bradley Roy Fishing
Ryan Salzman Active Alabama Bass Guide
Terry Scroggins Inactive
Fletcher Shryock Inactive
Gerald Spohrer Active Gerald Spohrer Fishing
Jeff Sprague Inactive
Wesley Strader Active Wesley Strader
Scott Suggs Inactive
Randall Tharp Active Randall Tharp Fishing
Bryan Thrift Inactive
Kevin VanDam Active Kevin VanDam
Jonathan VanDam Inactive
Greg Vinson Active Greg Vinson
David Walker Inactive
James Watson Inactive
Jacob Wheeler Active Wheeler Fishing
Jesse Wiggins Active Jesse Wiggins Fishing








Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit
Angler First Name Angler Last Name YouTube Link
Shannon Abbott Inactive
Jason Abram Inactive
Barron Adams Inactive
Stephen Albertson Active Steve Albertson Fishing
Stuart Arthur Inactive
Tai Au Active Tai Au
Evan Barnes Inactive
Clayton Batts Inactive
Mickey Beck Inactive
Matt Becker Active Matt Becker Fishing
Jason Blair Inactive
Greg Bohannan Inactive
Terry Bolton Inactive
Josh Bragg Active Josh Bragg Fishing
Jeff Bridges Inactive
Aaron Britt Inactive
Grae Buck Active Grae Buck Fishing
Miles Burghoff Active Sonar Fishing
Josh Butler Inactive
Jon Canada Inactive
Keith Carson Inactive
Joey Cifuentes Active Joey Cifuentes Fishing
Ramie Colson Jr. Inactive
Justin Cooper Inactive
Kyle Cortiana Active Kyle Cortiana Fishing
John Cox Inactive
Mitch Crane Inactive
Lance Crawford Inactive
Alex Davis Active Alex Davis
Darrell Davis Inactive
Randy Despino Inactive
Tommy Dickerson Inactive
Scott Dobson Inactive
Phillip Dutra Inactive
Dakota Ebare Active Dakota Ebare Outdoors
Charlie Evans Inactive
Ron Farrow Inactive
Mark Fisher Inactive
Trevor Fitzgerald Inactive
Cole Floyd Inactive
Tim Frederick Inactive
Nick Gainey Inactive
Jacopo Gallelli Inactive
Grant Galloway Inactive
Kyle Gelles Inactive
Ricardo Gonzalez Inactive
Shonn Goodwin Active Shonn Goodwin Fishing
Matt Greenblatt Inactive
Christian Greico Active Christian Greico
Chad Grigsby Active Chad Grigsby Fishing
Chris Groh Active Chris Groh Fishing
Blake Hall Inactive
Kyle Hall Active Kyle Hall Fishing
Cole Harris Active TheCHamplainKid
Nick Hatfield Inactive
Dylan Hays Inactive
Cole Hewett Active Cole Hewett Fishing
Billy Hines Inactive
Brett Hite Inactive
Jamie Horton Inactive
Miles Howe Inactive
Randy Howell Active Randy Howell
John Hunter Active John Hunter Fishing
Charlie Ingram Inactive
Clabion Johns Inactive
Brad Knight Inactive
Takayuki Koike Inactive
Bobby Lane Inactive
Cal Lane Inactive
Chris Lane Inactive
Brian Latimer Active Brian Latimer
Nick Lebrun Active Nick LeBrun Bass Fishing
River Lee Inactive
Robby Lefere Active Robby Lefere Fishing
Jason Lieblong Inactive
Shane Lineberger Inactive
Andrew Loberg Inactive
Steve Lopez Inactive
Richard Lowitzki Inactive
Justin Lucas Active Justin Lucas Fishing
Terry Luedtke Inactive
Lendell Martin Jr Inactive
Michael Matthee Inactive
Cameron Mattison Inactive
Mike McClelland Inactive
Bill McDonald Active Bill McDonald Fishing
Jeff McLain Inactive
Brandon McMillan Inactive
Jared McMillan Inactive
Jason Meninger Inactive
Colby Miller Inactive
Kerry Milner Inactive
Kurt Mitchell Inactive
Tom Monsoor Inactive
Brandon Mosley Inactive
Jim Moynagh Active Moynagh Bass Fishes
Robert Nakatomi Inactive
Michael Neal Inactive
Corey Neece Inactive
Jimmy Neece Jr Inactive
Ron Nelson Inactive
Dickey Newberry Inactive
Andy Newcomb Inactive
James Niggemeyer Active James Niggemeyer Fishing
Larry Nixon Inactive
Lance Oligschlaeger Inactive
Eric Oliverson Active Eric Olliverson Fishing
Lane Olson Inactive
Jordan Osborne Inactive
Bruce Parsons Inactive
Dave Parsons Inactive
Cody Pike Inactive
Pete Ponds Inactive
Tom Redington Active Tom Redington
Matt Reed Inactive
Clark Rheem Active EliteAnglerAcademy
Jimmy Reese Inactive
Skeet Reese Active Skeet Reese Fishing
Jason Reyes Inactive
Jeff Reynolds Inactive
Darrel Robertson Inactive
Ricky Robinson Inactive
Mark Rose Active Rose Outdoors-Mark Rose
Rusty Salewske Inactive
Casey Scanlon Active Casey Scanlon Fishing
Colby Schrumpf Active Colby Schrumpf Fishing
Chase Serafin Inactive
Braxton Setzer Active Braxton Setzer 
Spencer Shuffield Active Spencer Shuffield Fishing
Blake Smith Inactive
Derrick Snavely Inactive
Matthew Stefan Active Matt Stefan Fishing
Tyler Stewart Inactive
Troy Stokes Inactive
Wesley Strader Active Wesley Strader
Laramy Strickland Inactive
Mike Surman Inactive
Randall Tharp Active Randall Tharp Fishing
Scott Towry Inactive
Rusty Trancygier Inactive
J Todd Tucker Inactive
Jim Tutt Inactive
Jason Vance Inactive
Martin Villa Inactive
John Voyles Active John Voyles Fishing
David Walker Inactive
Jacob Wall Active JacobWallFishing
Todd Walters Active Todd Walters Fishing
Chad Warren Inactive
Jimmy Washam Active Jimmy Washam Fishing
Joshua Weaver Active Joshua Weaver Fishing
Mitchell Webb Inactive
Kyle Weisenburger Active Kyle Weisenburger
Joe Weiberg Inactive
Scott Wiley Inactive
Tyler Woolcott Active Tyler Woolcott
Gary Yamamoto Inactive
Steve York Inactive